Comprehensive Feature List

A more detailed look at our platform features.

Multiple Channels, One View

  • Streamline operations with a multi-channel platform that's based on a common database for your product catalog, orders, inventory, compliance, and fulfillment options
  • B360 reporting tools allow you to analyze sales performance across all of your customer touchpoints

B360 Customer and Content Management Features

  • Content Management System
  • Fully responsive templates comply with web standards and are free to use 
  • Modular format for easy setup and management of your site, including page banners that are a breeze to update
  • Edit content directly on the front-end, via your website, and see results immediately
  • Easy to add, organize, and archive products using our streamlined interface
  • Tailored to the wine industry: no need to add a new product each year. Simply add a new vintage
  • Drag and drop feature to modify product display order on your website
  • Flexible pricing tools offers many options for pricing your products, whether by customer group or tier; regular or discounted price
  • Use product categories to restrict access to a particular customer group or to club members
  • You have complete control over your website's HTML
  • Blog, events, photo galleries, and forms

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

  • A profile is automatically created when a new customer makes a purchase and going forward, all order history is available in once place
  • Single database means all history is tracked in one profile, regardless of where the order was placed
  • Automated rules engine allows you to create actions based on customer activity (website, tasting room, or wine club)
  • Contact field within customer record allows family members to be recognized and receive same member benefits
  • Follow-up status within customer notes field allows you to assign important tasks to specific admin users. That user will then receive an email alert. A flag field will insure note is displayed in the POS
  • Assign customers to groups for marketing and discounts
  • Easily view all important customer information (order history, memberships, etc.) by viewing the customer record
  • Two-way Mailchimp integration. Information for new customers is automatically pushed to MailChimp for marketing purposes
  • Ability to merge customer records if desired

B360 Commerce Features

  • Admin

  • Inventory tracking for all of your products. Automatically stop selling when inventory runs out.
  • Advanced inventory controls allow you to create inventory groups (for example club, tasting room, ecommerce)
  • Ability to consolidate shipments (between ecommerce/wine club/POS)
  • Integration with CardConnect
  • Advanced discount engine
  • Refund part or all of an order in the back-end and add a note, which will appear in the order record and in reports
  • Customer refunds can be credited directly to the customer or you can elect to issue a gift certificate
  • Support for third party fulfillment providers via ShipCompliant integration
  • Corporate gifting tool allows you to quickly and easily add multiple orders, with different tax rates and shipping information
  • Support for international shipments; add international addresses and ship via the UPS International API


  • Management of abandoned carts
  • Management of declined credit cards
  • Club members recognized and presented discounted pricing; guest checkout option available
  • Fully responsive mobile experience
  • Shipping costs presented up front; customer simply adds a zip code
  • In-cart marketing prompts (i.e. 2 more bottles to free shipping)
  • Checkout optimized to boost conversion; dynamically calculated shipping and tax, checkout page renders perfectly on all devices

Wine Club

  • Quick and easy processing (up to 400 orders/minute)
  • Intuitive customer selections for new members
  • 'You choose' wine club option allows members to customize product selection and shipping details when logged in to their account (optional)
  • No worries if the customer changes his/her mind. Your staff can easily edit an order.
  • Source field allows you to track signups by sales associate
  • Members automatically recognized in point-of-sale
  • Customer login for management of credit card, address, memberships
  • Notes field on the front-end allows customers to communicate important information to you
  • Ship or pick-up options
  • Ability to skip a shipment
  • Credit card updater service automatically updates member card data
  • Email customers whose cards declined with the simple click of a button
  • B360 makes it easy for you to update or add new credit card information for declines

Mobile Point-of-Sale

  • Commerce ready at any location - take your smartphone or tablet to the customer
  • Manage returns, refunds, and voids directly through the POS
  • Setup discounts through the admin and apply them in the tasting room - club members are automatically recognized at the point-of-sale
  • New customers are added easily via the POS interface and new addresses, credit cards, and notes can be added to existing customer records
  • Optional setting allows you to control whether or not a tipping prompt is displayed to the customer
  • Fully branded email receipts encourage cross channel engagement
  • Use your card reader to accept credit cards
  • Review all past orders (whether online or in the tasting room) at the point-of-sale
  • Taxes automatically calculate based on your tasting room location
  • Track sales by sales associate
  • Accept two or more payment types in a single transaction
  • Shipping options are set at the product level. This means that your customer can select to take one bottle home while shipping another. B360 automatically decrements the appropriate inventory group.

Shipment Manager

  • Our shipment manager tool provides full integrations with UPS, FedEx, and GSO
  • B360's address validation feature reduces costly carrier address correction fees 
  • Easily print shipping labels using our print server
  • Track and display shipment status to customers

B360 Marketing Tools

  • Dynamic list segmentation allows you to target by shopper demographics, past products purchased or customer lifetime value
  • Our integration with MailChimp allows you to leverage an industry leading marketing platform with superior delivery rates
  • Enter comparison prices to indicate sales 
  • Built-in upselling tools prompt actions in the cart (for example add a couple of bottles to receive free shipping)
  • Cross-selling app allows you to display related products in the shopping cart
  • Create gift certificates either directly from the admin panel or in the mobile point-of-sale
  • Connect your new B360 site directly to Google Analytics, set up ecommerce tracking and funnels, and you're off to the races

B360 Compliance Features

  • Customizable compliance settings allow for configuration on a per-state basis. You can continue to sell non-wine products in states that are not available for wine purchase.
  • State or county-based sales tax rates available through the B360 backend. By default, we load county-based rates.
  • Compliance checks at the point-of-purchase
  • Platinum certified ShipCompliant integration means fully configurable setup, real-time compliance checks, tax calculation, address validation, and product sync, and your choice of fulfillment partner

B360 Standard Reporting Features

  • Create custom dashboards, graphs and reports using our reporting tool
  • You select the data you would like to include in your reports: add or remove columns, set filters, and select chart type
  • Data can easily be exported in various formats


  • Easily search for orders using our quick search tool
  • Advanced search allows you to filter based on a set of 13 order attributes or by order status


  • View inventory available by group (for example fulfillment or tasting room inventory)


  • View all detail related to your clubs (members, status, dates, shipping address, notes)

B360 Data 

  • Integrations and API's

  • Easily connect with the CardConnect payment gateway
  • Mailchimp integration dynamically syncs new customers and corresponding data directly to your email marketing list
  • Mandrill integration for transactional emails (powered by MailChimp)
  • Google Analytics connection means analytics are available from within the B360 platform
  • Platinum certified ShipCompliant integration partner
  • JSON REST API's allow you to easily connect to your data

Rapid Deployment and Unparalleled Support

  • Because the platform is up and running and all-inclusive, we can get you up and running quickly, with few 3rd party integrations required
  • Team of experts to support you; managing everything from setup and implementation, to documentation and support
  • Depth of knowledge that has been built over years of working with wineries of every size

Maximum Uptime and Availability

  • Cloud-based service hosted with Rackspace
  • Servers monitored 24x7x365 with multiple layers of redundancy and security built-in
  • Stable platform with average uptime of 99.99%


  • Create role-based admin users to restrict content and data availability
  • Activity log allows you to monitor end-user activity without submitting an IT request
  • POS screen auto-locks after a configurable period of inactivity
  • Peer to Peer encryption, POS only user logins, lock screen functions and other security methods ensure a safe experience
  • Secure commerce with tokenized credit cards