Customer Relationship Management

Tools to engage your customers and automate marketing.

Customer Management


Create contacts that are associated with a single customer record. This allows you to add a spouse or executive admin to a customer record and opt them in to receiving the same email correspondence as the customer. 

Purchase History

Easily view a customer’s life time value, average order amount, last order date, products purchased, order history and more.


Assign customers to groups to create segments for marketing. Automate this process by setting customized rules to add a customer to a group. Groups can then have special pricing, discounts and exclusive product access.


Tag customer records to easily report and filter in the backend.

Add Customer Profile Fields

Add custom customer profile fields and include them on the customer registration form. These fields can also be made available only in the backend customer record and you may select whether the field is visible to the customer.

Web Forms

Web forms allow you to capture information about your customers and automatically assign customers to groups that complete a form.


MailChimp Integration

Data Sync

Customer data is automatically passed to MailChimp without the need to export and import spreadsheets.

Specify Lists

Specify what lists your customer's data is associated with based on custoemr actions such as a new order, a new customer account, a new club membership, newsletter signup and more.

Ecommerce Tracking

Enable ecommerce tracking and pass over product and order information. Use MailChimp's automation tools to setup segments, such as customers who have purchased specific SKUs, so you can notify them of new releases.


Automated Processes

Automated Rules

Create rules that trigger off customer actions. For example: When a customer places an order within the last 12 months and the order total is over $X, then assign them to X group. Additionally, set an expiration date of X months from now and send an email to the customer.


Customer Segmentation

Create Segments

Create segments of your customers that are determined by things like life time value, $x spent on wine in the last x months, new customer, previous purchaser, club member, previously bought a specific product, location, group membership and much more.

Segment Data

With segmented customer data, you can email, export data, add to groups, and sync customers to MailChimp. Within MailChimp you can assign customers to a specific list, create web messages, secure content and much more.